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Great night in the Valley!
Very proud to support your efforts!

1 day ago

Baseball and softball season is ahead!
Share with anyone who has a team or is planning to play in a league. We are looking to add some teams to our list. For every team that is added with order that ... See more

1 day ago
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The cutting table is full this Friday!
Need something screen printed or embroidered?
Call 570-604-3899 or talk shirty to me anytime at wetalkshirty.com

3 days ago

Getting ready!
Box prep underway!
We like being unique and under budget!

Talk shirty to me!

4 days ago

Fraternities, Sororities, Teams, Groups, Businesses, Friends, it's your lucky day!
Augelli Printing is running a Parade Day Special. If you're looking to outfit your business, group, or school, try ... See more

4 days ago
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Training on our newest line!
We are in! Carhartt

We are so excited for this partnership!
No more running to the distributor or box box store and bringing the items to us!
We have ... See more

4 days ago

Always a favorite!
DOTTI-LOU MEATS is always sharp and we helped create a really awesome brand around their legendary logo. We are a screen printing and embroidery company but we are also responsible ... See more

5 days ago

We are honored to have been selected by BBB!
This is another reason why you want to use a quality and professional company! We are now backed by this amazing organization and we look forward to keep ... See more

5 days ago

Shop facelift!
Design space needed a new look and we love the outcome!
New desks and wall art all done in house. The owner even did a one legged circus act to get it done.
Have a great night everyone ... See more