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It’s that time of year for business owners and organizations to get the most out of their money.
We work for you! Contact us!

Call is at 570-604-3899 or email ron@wetalkshirty.com

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A partial wrap for this big truck!
Need some vinyl work done?
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A nice way to start the morning.
How was everyone’s day going?
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We like to mix!
We mix your ink color to match your logo and make sure you look consistent.
We can also use just a bucket color but where is the fun in that!
Talk shirty to me!

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This crew is looking good!
Check out

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A lot of customers just want the "best" deal. At Wetalkshirty.com you get the BEST of everything!! Our competitive pricing puts us above the the rest, our customer service is top notch, our graphic ... See more

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Custom Scout shirts
Can we print yours?

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Who’s going to win?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the NEPA Pizza Cup! This gigantic trophy dreamed up by We Talk Shirty will have the names of the 5 past champions along with the names of every future champ! ... See more